"Big Swing and The Ballroom Blasters were phenomenal! The first hour of jazz/slower music was perfect. It was beautiful and gave people a chance to eat and visit.

Then when the entire band came onstage for the next 3 hours, most of the wedding guests never left the dance floor! The music was fabulous, and the band put on such an incredible show! Many of the wedding guests told us that it was the most fun wedding they have ever been to.

We just could not have been happier with the band and the evening! Thank you for all of your attention to detail. It was so nice to have everything worked out beforehand so that I didn’t have to think about anything the day/night of the wedding.

Thank you again!"

Laura Doramus - Mother of the Bride

"I just wanted to write to let you guys know how amazing the band was for our wedding. We just got back from our honeymoon, and I have countless emails from friends and family telling us that Big Blast was the best band they have ever seen."

Greg Blinn - Groom

"We loved the band! Very professional…and fun. Would use them again in a heartbeat. Best!"


"They 'out-did' themselves this past weekend.  They were absolutely fabulous at the Harbert reception!   Thanks, ”


"Great job Jerry! 
In all the years we have done events, across the United States, there have never been as many comments about a band as there were about Big Swing and the Ballroom Blasters. This was without question the single best performance ever. We had corporate CEO’s, attendees of all ages and some pretty high profile VIP’s in attendance. Everyone loved the band. From the very first song to the last song the entire dance floor was packed. Jerry and his group are very, very professional and were great to work with as we had a few changes. As you know, the band can make or break an event and this is a perfect example of how the right band can greatly enhance the success of an event.”

David Beam

"Wow !! -- Big Blast and the Party Masters ROCKED the HOUSE! They were spectacular -RAVE reviews ! Even BETTER than I had hopes -and trust me- I had very high hopes! But, truly, they are one of the best bands we have ever heard !
They were also a pure delight --- warm and engaging and super engaging on stage! LOVED every minute! They were the bomb!!!


"Good golly miss molly---what a band, 11:15 country club still packed with people and 
the dance floor EVERYONE said best wedding reception EVER and it was because of 
the band.  so darn nice and crowd friendly, they loved (or maybe not) us getting up on the stage, i think we probably shocked them how involved we were and sang EVERY SONG.  when they played blackeye peas tonight is the night-omg EVERYONE WAS

Tib Miller
Jacksonville, FL

"The music was fantastic!  It really made the party!  They looked great in their
white jackets and the girls were very attractive.  The singers, men and women, were
outstanding and they played old and new songs very well.  Kay just said, "I would
like to have them for myself to play the entire time and suggest the songs I want -
I loved them."

Please pass along these thoughts to Jerry Freeman.  I am sure I worried him about
everything.  The best part was the band's ability to get the guests involved.  They
got people to participate on the dance floor, but more importantly, they allowed
people to come on the stage to sing and dance.  I am sure this could have been a
fiasco, but it added to the excitement.  The bride and groom loved being up there
with the spotlight on them.  They both said they felt like rock stars!”

Dave Phillips
Former Ambassador to President Bush

"We would like to thank you and your fabulous group for a great evening! Not only did you sound great, everyone was so nice to work with, so professional, and also a pleasure to watch perform. Thanks again and I hope I get the pleasure of hearing you play again soon."
Can't wait to see you guys again soon!”

Piedmont Ball
Atlanta, GA

“Hey Jerry!!…working on our event on October 24 and I have to tell you, I couldn't be MORE EXCITED that you are playing. You all are undoubtedly the most impressive and positively charged group of performers we work with. We truly meant that tag-team hug and couldn't possibly begin to express the appropriate amount of gratitude for how you handled such a crazy situation with such poise... THAT WAS A CRAZY STORM!! So many bands would have refused to play!! And your ability to create a situation where guests hardly were even aware of the storm, b/c they were having such fun, was AMAZING.
Can't wait to see you guys again soon!”

Kristin Newman
Kristin Newman Designs

“Oh. My. God!!!! They were awesome! Worth every single cent! We're on our honeymoon now, so I'll write more later, but they were absolutely perfect! No one left the dance floor all night. Thank you so, so much!!!! "

Lydia Fitzpatrick
New Orleans, LA

Big Swing! was the best band we have ever had! Huge hit!!!!"

David Beam
Insulate America

Big Swing Blows Away Charleston
“On Saturday Jerry Freeman and the Ballroom Blasters rocked the largest wedding Charleston has likely seen in many years.....over 1400 people were blown away by the best band I have seen in years. Despite appearances from many guest performers, Mark & Dean from Hootie &the Blowfish, Edwin McCain, Josh Kelley, Andrew Copeland of Sister Hazel and Anoop Desai from American Idol, the clear attraction was Big Swing!"

Steve Harry
Managing Partner
EastCoast Entertainment

“They, (Big Swing and the Ballroom Blasters), were a fantastic band that put on an amazing show! All the members and Alumni in attendance had a great time!"

Sean E. Murphy
Synthes Spine

Big Swing and the Ballroom Blasters were a huge hit at the 62nd North Carolina Azalea Festival's 2009 Patron's Party Gala. They played a great variety of music and had everyone on their feet on the dance floor. Multiple patrons and corporate sponsors expressed their appreciation and said they thought they were one of, if not, THE best band we have had perform at this event. I am happy to be a reference for them in the future, as I would highly recommend them without reservation to anyone!"

Erica Mearns
2010 NC Azalea Festival President

Big Swing was FABULOUS! They were so high energy and people hit the dance floor the minute it was open to the guests and stayed the rest of the night. While they were good when we saw them a few months ago, they were GREAT for our wedding. The horn section had everyone fired up including my cousins who danced with them. The band was so interactive and made the evening feel so intimate. It was an experience beyond what I had ever imagined and Big Swing was the first detail of the wedding people wanted to discuss the next morning at the brunch. Also, I must compliment Jerry Freeman who was tremendously professional and very easy to work with."

Deborah Johnson

“It was GREAT!!! Big Swing was phenomenal. The music was fabulous and it seemed the whole party danced the entire time they played. We really did not want them to stop. I hope the band enjoyed it too -they were really nice guys. I hope to get to go to a party where they play again soon. We all really had a good time last night, and it was a great fundraiser for NCDT."

Margaret Ullrich
NC Dance Theatre

“Big Swing & the Ballroom Blasters did a great job at our Nov. 15th ( Ted Turner’s 60th Birthday ) event. They were pleasant and professional, and most importantly, extremely talented. We’ve had a lot of positive feedback about them from party guests. It is always a pleasure to work with you.”

Debbie Masterson, Vice President
Turner Enterprises, Inc.

“I cannot rave enough about the band. They made the wedding. On top of having a superb caliper of musicianship and showmanship they were the nicest of people. They made us feel that they were having a good time too!! What a wonderful experience it was working with you all. I think you could tell that I am a detail person and little things really do impress me. This has been a totally positive aspect of our wedding. ”

Carol Ganz
Mother of the Bride

“The band was absolutely awesome! Everyone couldn't stop talking about how amazing they were. All night I heard 'Where did you find this band!?' I didn't event leave the dance floor. It was exactly how I envisioned it, and then even better. Thanks so much for your help.”

Casey Griffith, Macon GA

“Big Swing and the Ballroom Blasters were a huge hit Saturday. People throughout the night were telling me how much they enjoyed the group and my client emailed me this morning to say she has continued to get compliments on the band. The band looked great and sounded even better. Their volume control during dinner was also perfect, which is sometimes a challenge for a band their size. They could not have been easier or more pleasant to work with. The evening was a big success and I can't wait to work with them again. ”

Event Planner

“OH MY GOODNESS - Best band I have ever heard! I absolutely loved them! We are still getting phone calls, emails, etc. talking about how wonderful the wedding was, especially the band. They kept the party going so well that no one realized what time it was. The club said I had the biggest turn out when I left (at 11:30) and I know it was due to the band taking no breaks and keeping things moving so well that no one ever looked at their watches. I think more than 200 people were still there to watch John and I leave! ”

Katherine Rice

“Jerry, I have just returned from my honeymoon and wanted to email you immediately to thank you for a WONDERFUL performance at my wedding in Birmingham!! I can't even begin to tell you how much fun I had-not to mention my guests!! Everyone was blown away by your show and I have a feeling you'll be booking some more weddings in Birmingham based off of ours! Thank you SO, SO much for your willingness to learn both "Hey Baby" for my dance with my Dad and also for the quick turnaround on the Pat Green song that Josh had requested for me. Both songs made the night even more special and really demonstrated your commitment to the party. We can't say enough great things about your band and will pass along your name to everyone that asks "who that fabulous band was!!" Many thanks and hope to see you at other weddings soon! I can't wait to party with y'all as a guest too! ”

Miller - Beale
Wedding Reception

“Hi Jerry, Forgive me for being a little late in telling you how FABULOUS you and your band were at the Tanner wedding in Rutherfordton. I have never heard so many raves in my life or seen a dance floor so packed for the duration of a night. We have had endless compliments on Big Swing, and I cannot remember when I have worked with a group as attractive, easy going, efficient, accommodating and pleasant. Thank you for making the Tanner wedding so memorable, and for making us look so good. The good news is that we get to work with you again at the Lea wedding in August and I look forward to that! ”

Janie Sellers
Confetti Distinctive Events

“I've been to hundreds of weddings in my lifetime, but I cannot remember my knees hurting so bad!! Big Swing brought the house down and I was dancin' the "Jelly leg" all night long. My 92 year old mother danced too! They were just FANTASTIC!”

Carlton Edwards
Charlotte, NC

“They were outstanding. Everyone enjoyed them. I could recommend Big Swing to anyone. Please tell them how mush I appreciate their talent. I will go see them anywhere. P.S. I am a straight shooter and do not brag on people unless they are special. Big Swing is special”

Dan Amos
Columbus, GA

“This town went GaGa over the band Saturday night! Everyone was just blown away!!! Jerry ( band leader ) was so organized and all such wonderful, wonderful people from top to bottom. Please use me as a reference.”

Michelin Gary
Event Planner Va. Beach, VA

“Big Swing was a huge success for the Wachovia Championship Block Party. I had several people tell me they liked them better than Chicago.”

Heather Alala
Wachovia Championship Block Party

“I cannot describe how amazing Big Swing and the Ballroom Blasters were. When Greg and I heard them for the first time in Raleigh, we knew that everyone at our reception was in for a treat. I know that people who are planning a huge party like a wedding or corporate event are automatically skeptical about vendors and testimonials, but I can honestly say that EVERYTHING I've heard and been told about Big Swing, and everything on their web site, is dead on. Jerry is so accommodating, nice, and professional, the musicians are pretty much the best I've ever seen, and the three lead dancers (I think) are more talented and attractive than the Supremes! I wish I could go to a party every weekend with that band. They truly were the tipping point that took our reception from beautiful and memorable to spectacular. I also want to chime in on how impressed and pleased my parents were. The band was there biggest concern this whole time - they wanted to choose the perfect band that played everything. Even up until the week of my wedding, my dad mentioned that he hoped the band was good. Wow, was he impressed! He will NOT stop talking about them - he has said that they are hands down the best band he has ever seen perform - at any event! Everything - from the professionalism to the playlist to the the acoustics and volume - was perfect. Thank you so much!!!!”

Louisa Collier
Wedding Reception Baltimore, MD

“As you know, I have been booking bands with East Coast for over 30 years and I have never been more impressed by a band in my life! We were fortunate to have "Big Swing and the Ballroom Blasters" for our 25th anniversary at the Figure 8 Island Yacht Club last Saturday night. Their music, appearance, attitude and stage presence was better than I've ever seen. Jerry Freeman was first class and was responsive to every need and request that was made during the night. There will be lots of requests for this band from all of our members attending and I am looking forward to planning our next party, somewhere, where we can afford the 4 more horns!!! Big Swing has raised the bar and some of our old favorites should all witness the production, energy and class that this new band brings to the stage. Big Swing did it all and I hope we can bring them back soon!”

Buzzy Northen
Figure Eight Island Yacht Club

“Big Swing is Awesome!!! The horn section creates a huge wall of sound and the male vacalist (aka Big Swing) is the best vocalist I have seen in a long time. ”

Chris McClure

“You guys are the example of what entertainment "Should" be. Keep up the good work! ”

Makenna Coyne
Director of International Sports and Entertainment

“I hope we have an occasion in the near future that we can use the Big Swing and the Ballroom Blasters! They are truly TERRIFIC! In the meantime I will be singing their praises all over the Northeast! ”

Amy J. Brown
New York, NY

“The Ballroom Blasters were simply THE BEST band I could have chosen for my daughter’s wedding in Savannah. We fell in love with every one of them as they were the nicest people. I would highly recommend them for any wedding where you want to have fun.”

Katie Waddell
Mother of the Bride

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